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What to say about this berlin based electro act? Their tracks have already been supported & played by people like Malente, Kissy Sell Out, Mr. Flash, The Whip and many more. They released several highly esteemed remixes & original tracks. Their popular remixes of Tiga’s “Mind Dimension” and SALM..s “Schubert a la Mode” killed the dancefloors everywhere, charted at the top10 & captured the attention of several radio stations. Not just berlin ́s fritz Radio and Motor FM, also BBC Radio1 London and FM4 Vienna airplayed them! Releases and Remixes appeared on What! What! Records, On The Fruit Records, go4music and other record companies. Not only productions, their live shows are really powerfull & asskicking! They love to switch genres between house, electro, techno and fidget. They always give 100%. Sweat, tears, topless, sing-along-parts and stagedive… everything can happen at their performance. They already played gigs in Malaysia, Spain, France, Thailand, Poland… and shared the stage with acts like Bloody Beetroots, Steve Aoki, The Proxy, SebastiAn, Kavinsky, Steve Angello, Jack Beats, Kosheen – just to name a few citys and acts.


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